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Choosing the right account is a crucial step.

There are many Janus Henderson account types to meet your investment needs. If you already have an account directly with Janus Henderson, you can add to your existing account, open a new account or transfer assets from other financial institutions at any time.

To invest directly at Janus Henderson, you must be an existing Janus Henderson investor, an immediate family member*, or live in the same household as an investor who owns shares directly through Janus Henderson. If you're new to Janus Henderson and do not meet these requirements, you may purchase our funds through financial advisors, through third-party intermediaries or brokerage platforms.

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Children and Education

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Invest with Confidence

Your long-term goals benefit from forward thinking – and the knowledge you gain here can help give you the confidence you need to start investing. Learn where to begin, how mutual funds work and key components of a successful portfolio. Learn how with Investing Basics.

*An immediate family member is defined as: parent, sibling, spouse, child, grandparent, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousin, great-grandparent, or great-grandchild and the same relationships via marriage. Anyone residing in the same household of an existing Janus Henderson investor may also purchase Class D Shares.