Growth and Income Managed Account

Large-Cap Growth Equities with Income Potential

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Client Commitment

A large-cap equity portfolio seeking to provide growth of capital and quarterly income. The Portfolio leverages our in-depth fundamental research to invest in what we believe to be well-established companies characterized by sustainable growth and high or rising dividends.

Why Invest in the Portfolio

    Dividend-Paying Growth Opportunities

  1. The Portfolio seeks growth companies that have paid or increased dividends over time, which can be indicators of corporate stability and growth potential.
  2. Strategic Capital Allocation

  3. The Portfolio seeks to invest in well-established companies that are intelligently allocating capital to both fund growth and pay dividends.
  4. Complementary Source of Income

  5. This Portfolio may provide investors with an equity income source that could complement fixed income allocations while providing the potential for long-term growth of capital.

Featured Insights


Please see the Fact Sheet for Managed Account performance information.


Please see the Fact Sheet for Managed Account characteristics.

Commentary & Literature

2Q19 Portfolio Commentary Highlights

  • Equities wavered during the period, but ultimately finished higher.
  • The Portfolio underperformed its benchmark.
  • Slowing economic growth and an array of geopolitical concerns are reasons for caution, but our outlook for equities is positive overall, supported in part by potential monetary easing in the U.S.

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