Government Money Market Fund

Seeks Capital Preservation and Daily Liquidity
NAV As of 06/19/19 $1.00

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Fund Facts

Details Yields Morningstar (As of 05/31/19)
02/14/95 Inception Date
$209.83M Total Net Assets (As of 05/31/19)
GROSS 0.71%
NET 0.71%
Annual Expense Ratio
(As of fiscal year end 06/30/18)
1.98% Distribution Yield at NAV
(As of 05/31/19)
7 Day Yield (As of 06/19/19)
With Waivers 1.79%
Without Waivers 1.79%
Monthly Distribution Frequency
$1.00 Transaction NAV
(Amortized Cost As of 06/19/19)
$1.0001 Mark-to-Market NAV
(As of 06/19/19)
21.07% Daily Liquid Assets
(As of 06/18/19)
85.78% Weekly Liquid Assets
(As of 06/18/19)
-$618397.00 Daily Net Flows
(As of 06/18/19)
Money Market - Taxable
Important Morningstar Information
The Mark-to-Market NAV does not reflect the price at which an investor may transact shares of the Fund.  This is not an offer to purchase or sell shares of the Fund at the Mark-to-Market NAV.


Client Commitment

The Fund focuses on capital preservation and daily liquidity by investing exclusively in obligations issued or guaranteed by the United States Government or its Agencies. The strategy typically invests in high-quality, short-term money market instruments that we believe present minimal credit risks.

Why Invest in the Fund

    Seeks Capital Preservation

  1. By investing in high-quality, short-term money market instruments, we believe we can provide capital preservation consistent with the Fund’s objectives.
  2. Daily Liquidity

  3. The Fund seeks to provide easy access to assets while still providing current income.
  4. Conservative Option

  5. This Fund may be an option for investors looking for a conservative way to invest cash.



(As of 03/31/2019)
(As of 05/31/2019)
Inception: Feb 14, 1995 3M YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
Government Money Market Fund – T Shares 0.44% 0.44% 1.52% 0.68% 0.41% 0.21% 2.17%
Inception: Feb 14, 1995 3M YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
Government Money Market Fund – T Shares 0.47% 0.76% 1.66% 0.78% 0.47% 0.24% 2.17%
Returns quoted are past performance and do not guarantee future results; current performance may be lower or higher.
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(As of Fiscal Year End, 06/30/18)

Management Fees 0.20%
12b-1 Fees -
Other Expenses 0.51%
Total Gross Expenses 0.71%
Waivers -
Total Net Expenses 0.71%
There is a voluntarily agreed waiver of one-half of the investment advisory fee and such additional fees to the extent necessary to assist the Fund in attempting to maintain a yield of at least 0.00%. Such reimbursements could be changed or terminated at any time.



(As of 05/31/2019)

% of Fund
Royal Bank of Canada, NY Branch Joint Repurchase Agreement, 2.4000%, 6/3/19 19.54
Cypress Bend Real Estate Development Co LLC, 2.4600%, 6/7/19 4.29
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Notes, 2.3978%, 7/10/19 4.28
Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, 2.4380%, 6/7/19 4.24
Kenneth Rosenthal Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, 2.4600%, 6/7/19 3.06
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Notes, 2.4475%, 6/12/19 2.86
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Notes, 2.4237%, 6/26/19 2.86
Federal Home Loan Bank Discount Notes, 2.4143%, 7/19/19 2.85
FHLMC Multifamily VRD Certificates Taxable, 2.5300%, 6/7/19 2.58
Thomas H Turner Family Irrevocably Trust, 2.4600%, 6/7/19 2.14


(As of 05/31/19)

U.S. Government Agency Debt 56.79
U.S. Government Agency Repurchase Agreement 19.54
Variable Rate Demand Note 23.80
Liabilities, net of Cash, Receivables and Other Assets -0.12

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