Global Dividend Growth Managed Account

Seeking High Income and Capital Growth

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Client Commitment

A global long-only portfolio that seeks a high and rising level of dividend income as well as long-term capital appreciation. The Portfolio seeks high-quality, income-producing equities with a bias for international companies.

Why Invest in the Portfolio

    Seeks High & Rising Income

  1. We seek to provide a level of income that exceeds the average yield of global stocks and aim to provide a growing stream of income over time.
  2. Income, Regardless of Environment

  3. With our global approach, we seek to take advantage of various market environments to find the best income-producing equities. We tend to focus on international equities where the income-generating potential may be greater.
  4. Differentiated Income Option

  5. The Portfolio may be an attractive alternative to preferred stock and fixed income. The investment team constructs a portfolio that holds 100% equity securities with no leverage and a quarterly dividend distribution schedule.

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Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.

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