Geneva SMID Cap Growth Managed Account

High-Quality, Small-Mid Cap Growth Equities

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Client Commitment

The strategy engages in bottom-up fundamental analysis to identify high-quality growth companies. The team believes investing in proven, high-quality companies leads to competitive returns with below average risk over a market cycle.

Why Invest in the Portfolio

    Concentrated, high-conviction portfolio with long-term growth focus

  1. The investment team utilizes a multifaceted approach which includes a bottom-up qualitative and quantitative assessment, supported by our top-down economic and investment outlook.
  2. Experienced team with time-tested investment philosophy

  3. Rather than operating as a star system in which one portfolio manager has final say, the team operates by consensus with all investment decisions being discussed as a team, while final decision-making responsibilities lie with the portfolio managers.
  4. Durability of concept

  5. Will not capitulate to transient market themes.


Please see the Fact Sheet for Managed Account performance information.


Please see the Fact Sheet for Managed Account characteristics.

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