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Janus Henderson Labs™

Janus Henderson Labs offers high-impact business and life-enhancing programs and specialists to help financial professionals build, grow and succeed. With time-saving solutions and expert information, financial professionals can not only survive, but thrive, by taking full advantage of the incredible opportunities the changing investment advice landscape creates.

Janus Henderson Labs programs can help fortify a financial professional’s strengths and deepen their client relationships through the following four pillars:

  • Professional Development: Tools across a variety of disciplines to help financial professionals build a successful practice 
  • Wealth Management: Strategies and advice for high-net-worth clients (most programs qualify for continuing education credit)
  • Defined Contribution: Services and solutions to enhance a financial professional’s retirement capabilities (most programs qualify for continuing education credit)
  • Portfolio Diagnostics Services: State-of-the-art analytics to identify portfolio risk

Many of the Janus Henderson Labs programs are available via keynote presentations, interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching and online tools and support. Additionally, FINRA-reviewed materials are available for most programs.