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As a leading global asset manager, Janus Henderson is committed to offering distinctive strategies for today's complex market environment. Janus Henderson is focused on designing active, enhanced beta, and thematic ETFs that help our clients reach a variety of their investment goals including growth of capital, uncorrelated returns and income.

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Active Fixed Income ETFs

Active ETFs provide investors an opportunity to directly address the challenges in today's fixed income markets. The active structure allows us to express our high conviction ideas and tap areas of the market overlooked or underrepresented by market indices and passive investments.

VNLA Short Duration Income ETF | Janus Henderson Investors
An Option to put cash to work.

Modeling borrower behavior to drive returns

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Enhanced Beta ETFs

Innovative strategies that package investing insights – such as a distinctive process or a time-tested philosophy – with the features of an ETF.

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Janus Henderson Smart Growth® ETFs

Identifying Resilient Small and Mid Caps Poised for Long-Run Sustainable Growth

Exposure to small and mid-cap growth has been a valuable source of investor return, but not without the risks that can surround some young, growing companies.

We developed an investment philosophy that targets resilient companies poised for long-run sustainable growth through a variety of market environments. We call that philosophy Smart Growth.

How Do We Evaluate Companies for Smart Growth?

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Thematic ETFs

There are trends that come and go throughout our lives at different speeds and with different impact – trends that are either forgettable or occasionally memorable. There are also the profound changing socio-economic and political forces that permanently transform how we live and work.

Thematic investing goes beyond trendspotting to identify those transformative forces that could permanently alter our lives and behaviors, creating investment opportunities – opportunities that come from a new future shaped by meaningful change.


Invest in Longevity and the Aging Population

Pick a Natural Investment

Invest in the Battle Against Obesity