Why Some Advisory Teams Do More Business than Others?

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Why Some Advisory Teams Do More Business than Others?

5 Attributes of Top-Performing Teams

Knowledge Labs™, in collaboration with The Investments & Wealth Institute and Cerulli Associates, explored

2,800 Advisory Practices

to learn what qualities are shared by the most successful teams, and here is what they revealed:

Attract the Right Clients | Teams

Top-performing advisory teams manage 4.2 times more funds compared to their peers.

And they do it with fewer clients, 90 vs. 126 for lower performers, by offering specialized roles and services that attract the right relationships.

Total Funds Managed | Teams
Nurture Next Generation | Teams
Over 50 Percent | Teams

OF ELITE TEAMS hire “producing” junior advisors to pursue future growth and aid with legacy planning.

40 Percent | Teams

Nearly half hire at least one “non-producing” junior advisor to build capacity.

Only 39 Percent  | Teams

of lower quartile teams do this.

Only 28 Percent | Teams

of lower quartile teams do this.

Embrace Technology | Teams

Technology integration helps ensure:

  • Consistent and Accurate Execution
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Overall Client Experience

Leverage technology to help smooth your most critical processes.

Systemize Capacity | Teams

Emphasizing productivity through process and specialization can help your team avoid common pitfalls that plague non-elite teams:

  • Lack of Time
  • High Costs
  • Excessive Operational Responsibilities
Shared Leadership | Teams

Elite teams infuse leadership decisions with a diversity of input and set responsibilities based on strengths and interests. Teams with shared decision-making processes manage more assets.

Branch Independent | Teams
The Bottom Line | Teams

Elite teams work smarter, not harder.

Ongoing business planning – and developing an annual planning process – can help you consistently realign your team’s strengths and opportunities for continuous improvement. Ready to elevate your team?

Knowledge Labs™’ Elements of Extraordinary Teamwork (ExT) curriculum is here to help guide the process. Resources include educational content, step-by-step planning tools and one-on-one consulting from practice management specialists.

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