Global Dividend Index

A long-term study into global dividend trends, analyzing dividends paid each quarter by the 1,200 largest firms by market capitalization.

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Global Equity Income
With three experienced portfolio managers, the Fund invests in income-producing equities, with a focus on international equities.

Balanced Fund
For 25 years, this dynamic allocation strategy has delivered our equity and fixed income expertise in a one-stop core solution.

International Opportunities Fund
Uniquely managed by a team with regional expertise, this strategy utilizes a concentrated approach of high-conviction, best ideas.

Flexible Bond Fund
For 30 years, this active fixed income strategy has been anchoring investor portfolios given its focus on risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation.

Global Unconstrained Bond
This Bill Gross managed Fund seeks absolute returns and a low correlation to other fixed income and alternative asset classes.

Short Duration Bond ETF
An active fixed income ETF with the potential to deliver returns above cash. We seek steady income with low volatility.